What The World Needs Now (1984):

  • First edition, autographed by author Steven M. Johnson
  • 152 pages filled with wonderful, zany, and plain weird inventions
  • See also: Steven M. Johnson's Museum of Possibilities, exclusively available on Neatorama
  • Also available: Autographed 2nd Edition
  • Out of Print and Rare - these are amongst the only remaining copies available for sale
Sorry, but this product has been discontinued.

What The World Needs Now is a resource book for daydreamers, frustrated inventors, cranks, efficiency experts, utopians, gadgeteers, tinkerers and just about everybody else.

If the fanciful devices found in this book don't exist yet, it could just be that the world hasn't caught up to Steve Johnson's wit and imagination.

If you want to have fun and try your own hand at "What if" then you are invited to dip into this wonderful book. Our only warning is that the world may never look quite the same again.

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