It seems some people are having a hard time wrapping their head around the idea of cloning as a good thing- they’re afraid cloning will lead to massive clone army uprisings, all you can eat human buffets and an overall loss of personal identity, but what if cloning was used strictly for sport?


We could create exact copies of ourselves, then watch our clones fight it out in arena combat to the death, and if we run out of contestants we can always hit the old cloning machine and make a few dozen more.


Support cloning- it may be the only way we’re ever going to see gladiatorial combat again before the apocalypse!

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Combat disease! Cure cancer! Fight in a gladiator battle!

Well, if you could clone yourself, imagine all the fun you could have. But until science catches up to science fiction, you wear this awesome T-shirt to let the world know that you support cloning. Go Science!

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