• Pen and keychain double as a rubber band shooter
  • Includes 100 rubber bands
  • Simple and fun to use!
  • Size: 4-1/2" x 2-3/4" x 1/2" (9 cm x 7 cm x 1 cm)
  • Warning: Rubber Band Shooter is designed for people 8 and up. Do not launch rubber bands at another person's face or at animals.
Sorry, but this product has been discontinued.

Rubber Band Shooter Blaster Supreme

The Rubber Band Shooter is a blast! It's easy and fun to use: simply loop one end of the rubber band around the barrel site, and place the other end inside the gripper area. To launch the rubber band, just aim and squeeze the spring-loaded handle.

Once you've conquered your opponents, use the pen function of the Rubber Band Shooter Blaster Supreme to write the terms of their surrender!

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