Have you ever wondered what a supervillain would do if, for once in their pathetically long career as a criminal, they actually outwitted the bat and had him at their mercy?


Depending on the villain in question they’d either: create an elaborate television broadcast about their victory, simply kill the superhero without a second thought, or deliver a ridiculously long monologue about their  victory, giving the bat dude plenty of time to get away.


Take it from that short, stocky tuxedo wearing supervillain with a monocle- keep your victory speeches short, and make sure the bat is truly dead before you go adding that victory to your resume.

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Who hasn’t wondered what would ultimately happen if the villain won the day? Now you know it was something really unexpected. Oh man, did our hero pay for his meddling, or what? He’s become quite the wanker now.

Two-sided t-shirt with a front-side and a back-side design.

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