• 11" wall clock featuring Daleks
  • 3D effect makes it seem like the Daleks are coming at you!
  • Black border with blue letterings and clock hands
  • Size: 11" dia. x 1" (27.5 cm dia. x 2.5 cm)


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Sorry, but this product has been discontinued.

Dalek Wall Clock

What time is it? With this awesome Dalek Wall Clock, it's always time to watch a re-run of Doctor Who on TV!

The 11" wall clock features 3D graphic effect of a trio of Daleks coming at you (it's a bit hard to see from the 2 dimensional photograph above, but trust us, it's pretty cool!)

The Dalek Wall Clock is the perfect gift for Doctor who fans, and those who are perpetually late (because who'd dare be late when chased by 3 Daleks threatening to "EXTERMINATE!" you?)

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