• Pencil sharpener shaped like a retro twin-lens reflex camera
  • Adjustable sharpness knob
  • Pull-out tray for shavings
  • Size: 4" x 4-1/2" x 2-3/4" (10 cm x 11 cm x 7 cm)

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Sorry, but this product has been discontinued.

Sharpens in just a few turn of the knob and looks good doing it, too!

In the modern world full of mechanical pencils, there's a certain joy to scribbling with a good ol' solid number two pencil.

With our retro Camera Pencil Sharpener, even the act of sharpening the pencil becomes enjoyable! In just a few turn of the knob, you can sharpen the tip a regular pencil with pinpoint sharpness. It's so fun and quick, you'd want to sharpen all of your pencils all the time :)

While photography enthusiasts will love this pencil sharpener, anyone can amaze and amuse  their coworkers and fellow students with this clever retro Camera Pencil Sharpener on their desks.

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